Wednesday, July 06, 2016

There is nothing like a barbecue that says Southern hospitality and cuisine.  What a great idea for your summer nuptuials.  A wedding reception barbecue allows guests to kick back and enjoy great food in a welcoming atmosphere.  Some couples host a BBQ before the wedding as welcome dinner for out of town guests or as part of a themed shower.  A BBQ reception can be an affordable option for a couple on a budget or dressed up for a more event.  You have limitless options when planning your BBQ but might consider the following guidelines.
Select a date with the BBQ idea in mind.  This is Alabama.  It gets hotter than the face of the sun in July and August (and sometimes June and September).  If you're planning an outdoor shower or reception, you might want to plan for early summer or early fall so your guests don't melt or get eaten alive by mosquitos.
Choose a location depending on what type of wedding reception or shower you want.  For a casual gathering, the backyard of a friend or family member might work.  Want something a little more upscale?  Check out a public garden or venue.  Make sure you call and reserve your date.
Send invitations that indicate the type of reception or shower you're hosting.  Select stationery that keeps to the level of formality.  Be sure to include the word "BBQ" so guests know what to expect.  
Plan the food.  For a more casual gathering, you might choose to make some or all of the dishes yourself.  You might contact a caterer for a more formal event.  Definitely use some local flavor like offering multiple flavors of BBQ sauce.  Offer food that can be eaten with a fork and knife to keep it less messy.  Remember your vegetarian guests as well by offering a few meatless options.
Select your seating.  If you're going for casual buffet style with fewer than 50 guets, you might want to set up picnic tables and allow guests to select their own seat.  If the occasion is more formal, table assignments are a good idea.
Select favors that reflect your theme and personality.  Small bottles of BBQ sauce make adorable favors.  You might print labels with your wedding date or favorite romantic quote.  You can include a recipe from your party or even a message of apprectiation.
As a Southern gal, BBQ is part of your history.  Don't be afraid to embrace it for your wedding reception or shower.  As long as you stay true to your personality and theme, it can be a great option.  As always, don't hesitate to contact Mr. Burch for any of your wedding needs.