Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The following is a guest post from JAMM Entertainment.


It’s hard to believe that not only is 2013 less that 2 weeks away, but that its time to plan for Prom. Yes, already. The dates have been set, the venues are booked, and although dresses may not have been bought yet, its definitely time to reserve entertainers.

Whether, your Prom has a specific theme or you just want to set yourself apart by being the best party in town, the following 3 things will start you in the right direction: Professional Entertainers, Unique Lighting, and Awesome Extras.

Professional Entertainers will serve as upbeat hosts of your Prom, accepting student requests that keep the party going while making sure their playlists are edited to comply with school rules. Professional DJ’s and Emcees know how to set your Prom apart from last year’s with personalized extras like scripted prom court intros and song selections that may be special to certain student and faculty groups.

Unique Lighting is the key ingredient to creating your Prom’s desired atmosphere. Lighting effects like Intelligent Lighting and Hazers will set your dance floor space apart from the other party areas. Custom GOBOs can be used to enhance a theme and/or personalize the event.

The use of awesome entertainment extra items give students alternative activities to participate in when not on the dancefloor. Gaming stations, Photo Booths, and other interactive areas like our Grafitti Wall keep students at the Prom longer by breaking up the evening.

If you need help planning your prom this year, please call our experienced staff at 205-856-5266.  Happy Planning!

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