Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Mr. Burch knows that different types of socks exist by the dozen, in a variety of fibers, cuts, colors, and patterns. This overwhelming selection of styles and colors might explain why so many men have a hard time picking socks that match what we're wearing. In addition, matching socks is often perceived as a trivial part of the whole grooming process. But the reality is improper coordination of socks can easily spoil your look, no matter how handsome and well-dressed you are.


As a general rule, you should match your socks to your shoes in order to create a flawless look from cuff to toe. It's all about ensuring a smooth transition between your pants, socks and shoes.

For example, if you're wearing beige pants with brown shoes, you should wear a pair of regular brown, light brown or dark beige socks, or even a pair of patterned socks that blends any combination of these colors. Wearing socks in shades that complement your trousers and shoes will avoid any stark contrast between them and enhance your overall look.


Note: Unless you're going to the gym or wearing white patent leather shoes with a white tux, there's no reason for you to wear white socks ever again. Following this rule alone will keep the fashion police off your tail more often than not.


How can you make your socks flow with the rest of your attire without sticking to more conservative solids?

The key is to mix up the color schemes in your socks and match them to the rest of your outfit without making a fashion blunder. You can do that by simply matching the colors in your socks' pattern to another article of clothing you're wearing.

Match the pattern in your socks to your shirt, tie or even the pinstripes in your suit. For example, if you're wearing a black suit with a red tie and black shoes, you can wear black socks that feature a subtle red argyle pattern or polka dots. As long as the background color of your socks matches your shoes, this rule is always a safe bet.

In more formal settings, black over-the-calf stretch nylon cotton or wool socks are fitting. You should also know socks should extend over your calves any time you're wearing a tie. This prevents any part of your bare leg from being exposed while seated and puts an end to occasional tugging, which is inexcusable.

The same matching rule applies for casual attire.  Pair the colors of your socks' pattern to another part of your outfit. For example, if you're wearing classic blue jeans, black shoes and a white T-shirt, then opt for solid black socks or a black pair that features a subtle blue pattern. Remember, you can match the patterns in your socks to your top, belt or jacket, so long as the background matches your shoes.

Finally, when it comes to athletic socks, white is fine but you can add a cool touch to your look by matching the lines or logo featured on your socks to your shorts or T-shirt. Gray socks are also a safe and stylish option for sportswear.

Mr. Burch Formal Wear is always ready to help.  If you're still in doubt about your footwear selection, just contact us.

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